General Commands

Commands Description Usage
Ping Shows bots ping x?ping
Choose Chooses between two or more choices x?choose red black
Coinflip Flips the coin showing the result in Head or Tails x?coinflip
Stopwatch Starts or stops stopwatch x?stopwatch
Discrim Displays user with matching discriminator x?discrim 0001
Donate Shows XtraCord's donation link x?donate
Userinfo/uinfo Shows information about a user x?userinfo
Serverinfo/sinfo Shows information about a server x?serverinfo
Roleinfo/ri Shows information about a role x?roleinfo
Invite Sends the invite link for the bot x?invite
Info Shows information about the bot x?info
Donate Shows the donation link x?donate
Stats Shows bot stats x?stats
Stop Watch Starts/stops stopwatch x?stopwatch
Avatar/av Shows users avatar x?avatar
Embed Embed a message using the bot x?embed message
Penis Detects accurate penis length for a user x?penis @user

Mod Commands

Commands Description Usage
Ban Ban a user and provide a reason (optional) x?ban @PaPí#0001 for test purposes
Kick Kick a user and provide a reason (optional) x?kick @PaPí#0001 for test purposes
Purge Delete number of messages in a channel x?purge 100
Clear Clear amount of messages from a specifc user x?clear @PaPí#0001 100
Botclean/bc Clear bot messages x?bc
Mute Mute a user for specific time and provide a reason (optional) x?mute @PaPí#0001 10m for test purposes
Un-mute Un-mute a muted user and provide a reason (optional) x?unmute @PaPí#0001 for test purposes
Welcomer Set welcomer with the bot to welcome new users x?welcomer subcommand
Image Welcomer Set an image welcomer with the bot to welcome new users x?imagewelcomer subcommand

Economy Commands

Commands Description Usage
Daily Claim your daily rewards x?daily
Give Give money to a user x?give @user amount
Request Request money from a user x?request @user amount
Profile See yours or other users profile x?profile
Balance/bal Check your or other users bank balance x?balance
Slot Win double of your bit x?slot amount
Work Work every 3 hours and get your random work bonus x?work
Cookie Give a cookie to a user and get 100$ in return x?cookie @user
Marry Marry a discord user x?marry @user
Divorce Divorce a user you are married too x?divorce @user
Divorce All Divorce all the users you are married too x?divorceall or x?da
Rep Give a reputation point to a user x?rep @user